How to Submit your WordPress Site to Google, Bing, Alexa and Yandex


Many of Webmasters and Site Owners get confused with the concept of “Submitting Site to Search Engines” and How to Claim Ownership of your Site or Verify ownership.

Before getting into detail, lets understand “Why Site Owner or Webmaster would require to Submit Website to Google, Bing, Yahoo Alexa and Yandex ?

1. In Simple words by submitting your site, you are letting Search Engines know about the existence of your website.

2. Search Engines will Crawl your Website Pages and it will get added to Website Index. This process is also known as “Indexing“.

3. If your Website is Indexed, there is possibility that your Website can get listed in Search Results for the Search Term known as “Keyword” related to your Website Content.
Long story short, if you would like to get Website Visitors referred by Search Engines, this is the mandatory step.

I hope you understand the importance of Search Engine Submission, lets move on to “Why webmaster require to Verify Site Ownership?”

Search Engines can produce and present excellent Web Analytics about your Website but if they made it public it can be very easily misused by your Competitors etc. Before sharing those Analytics, Search Engines would like to Verify that you are the Webmaster or Website Owner. Once the Verification is done, Search Engines will grant access to all Analytical data of your website like No of Visits, Page Views, Keywords for which your Website is getting listed in Search Engine, Indexed Pages, Issues related to your Website Code or Accessibility etc.

Every search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa and Yandex have different procedure for Website Submission and Verification of Ownership. But as this Post specifically address Website built with WordPress Platform, lets understand how to do it all very easily with an amazing WordPress plugin “Yoast SEO”

Yoast SEO” is a WordPress plugin to extend Search Engine Optimization capabilities to WordPress Platform. You can manage lot of SEO related stuff with the help of this plugin. As Website Submission and Verification is a part of SEO process “Yoast SEO” has a provision to do it from single screen.

how to submit wordpress site to google bing yahoo alexa yandex
how to submit wordpress site to google bing yahoo alexa yandex

Yoast SEO” did a great job by aggregating all Site Submission Links at one place where User can simply follow link of respective search engine and sign up for a Webmaster Account. Once the Sign up process is complete, user is presented with the interface where he/she can add Website to Search Engine and move on to Verification process.

All Search Engines are offering 4-5 different methods for Verification of Site for e.g 1. By adding Meta Tag in header area of your Index or Home Page, By adding DNS Entry including specific unique Verification Code, By uploading file at the Web root of your Website etc.

If Webmaster is tech-savvy or know how to handle above tasks then the Verification process is fairly straight forward for them but if Webmaster do not know much about “How to edit html file?” or “How to add DNS Entry?” or “How to upload a file to web root?” then this straight forward task can become a headache.  “Yoast SEO” has smartly identified this problem and incorporated this feature where user can simply sign up for Webmaster Accounts by following links of respective search engine and needs to grab Verification Code which needs to be added in Yoast SEO Plugin,

how to submit wordpress site to google bing alexa yandex with yoast seo plugin
how to submit wordpress site to google bing alexa yandex with yoast seo plugin

once this step is done then Yoast SEO will do its magic and add Meta Tag with Verification Code in your Home Page and User can simply head back to Webmaster Account and hit Verify button to complete process. As soon as Search Engine finds Meta Tag in your Website Home Page, User will be presented with various Web Analytics.  

Its very easy to add Yoast SEO Plugin to your WordPress Installation. Follow below steps to get the same.

  1.  Click on “Plugins” -> “Add New”
  2.  In the Search Bar type “Yoast SEO” and Hit Enter
  3.  You will find “Yoast SEO” Plugin by Team Yoast in the List
  4.  Hit Install button to Install “Yoast SEO

I hope by this Tutorial you will be able to Install Yoast SEO plugin, Submit your Site to Google, Alexa, Bing, Yandex and Verify your Site Ownership.

Please let me know your thoughts and queries in Comments below.

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